Unofficial Code Lyoko: Season 5 – Chapter 4

Unofficial Code Lyoko: Season 5 – Chapter 4

So, I decided to release this episode today. I want reviews!! Please R&R! Then Ill give you better episodes!

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This is a good episode for you WxY fans, although its one-sided, but Ulrich thinks that it isnt.

Episode 97: The truth

At the cafeteria:

William: Hi guys!

Everybody except you know who, the jealous one for Yumi: Hi William.

Odd: I see. Ulrichs still jealous.

Ulrich: If you want a sting to your nose then just continue. I have a bad day today.

William: I dont think so. Youre jealous of Yumi.

Ulrich: Shut up for once.

William: Uhh, Im so afraid.

William leaves laughing.

Jeremy: You should be nicer to William. Even youre

Yumi: Hi guys!

Ulrich: Hi Yumi.

Odd: Ulrich just scared William away.

Ulrich: Shut up. No I didnt. He just wanted to charge up an argue.

Odd: Yeah yeah, about your jealousy!

Ulrich charges at Odd and almost hits him but Yumi stops him.

Ulrich: That is the last time you say that.

Aelita: You should be nicer to Ulrichs and Yumis relationship Odd.

Ulrich and Yumi: Hey!!

At the park of Kadic:

A black smoke emerges from the lamp. It goes for William and takes him over. Xana had his ultimate weapon again.

Yumi: Hi William.

XWilliam: Hi Yumi. I think we need to talk.

Yumi: Umm ok. About what? *Sits down next to William*

XWilliam: Ahh Words dont tell this. *Kisses Yumi*

Ulrich just walks by and sees William kissing Yumi and runs away crying.

Yumi pulls off.

Yumi: Why did you do that? I dont like or love you. I already told you that.

XWilliam: With Xanas voice: So what?

Yumi: No, this cant be. He cant be back. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Ulrich: Yumi!! Im coming!

Ulrich: Oh no who was it, who did this to you, Yumi?

Yumi: Aah I tell it later, I need to tell you something before I die.

Ulrich: You wont die Yumi. I promise. Ill call an Ambulance.

Yumi: No, that wont help. I love you

Ulrich: I love you too. Now, tell me who was it? Ill go beat him/her up!!

Yumi: No, it isnt who you think it is. an familiar Multi-agent program it is Xana.

Ulrich: No, thats impossible.

Yumi faints.

Ulrich: No, somebody, help!! Help!! Help!!

My first cliffhanger. Please review.

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