Code Reloaded: XANAs Revenge – Chapter 4

Code Reloaded: XANAs Revenge – Chapter 4

Lord Maximus: I don’t own Code: Lyoko.

Summary: They thought it was over. They thought he was defeated. They were wrong.

They had arrived safely home with Jeremy waiting for them. When they arrived Jeremy was banging fists against the keyboard endlessly.

It was a trick. It was all a damn trick! Everything, the Replicas, the Kolossus, Williams rescue, even the god damn multi agent program! It was a TRICK!

Everyone looked at him with the same look of sorrow on their faces.

So now what? We need to go out and save Ulrich. said Yumi with tears on her face.

And how do you know Xana hasnt planned that out already?! Dont you get it?! He was ahead of us all the time! Its my fault!

I was so sure that I could find a way to destroy him I played right into his hands! Its because of me Hoppers dead! choked Jeremy.

He got out of the chair and walked to the elevator.

Where are you going? asked Aelita.

Somewhere where I cant get anyone killed. said Jeremy.

Suddenly he was stopped by William.

Knock it off! Did you forget you werent the only one who was played? I was there as well and when I asked to go to Lyoko to earn your trust back I was possessed again just to play another one of Xanas games! So why are you trying to take all the blame!? asked William.

Because I got Aelitas father killed! shouted Jeremy.

And Ulrich is still alive and needs to be saved, you moron! I was Xanas prisoner for who knows how long and Ive got an idea what hes going through. You saved me but you let him remain trapped?! snapped William.

Xana let you go! I didnt do anything because he wanted to set you free! Theres a difference! said Jeremy.

So we lose now? Ulrich cant be saved and youre going to sulk off somewhere? Why not just hand the world to Xana on a silver platter?! shouted William.

Jeremy, dont do this! My father is dead but we cant abandon Ulrich! Please dont go! said Aelita.

Ulrich would try to save you! said Yumi.

And Xana will be ahead of us just he was the entire time! Dont you get it! Everything we did since we rebuilt Lyoko was all apart of his plan! He won we lost! said Jeremy.

And that justifies giving up and letting Ulrich rot in Xanas prison?! shouted Yumi.

All right! So we rebuilt the Skid, what will that accomplish? Where do we start? Xana held back because he needed Aelita to bring Hopper out!

He doesnt have to hold anything back this time! said Jeremy.

Which is why I have a proposal.

Everyone froze at the voice and turned to the computer. Xana appeared on the monitor with his red eyes staring at them with amusement.

Jeremy is right of course. I dont have to hold anything back now but I am a fair person which why is I want to play a game.

Havent you toyed with us enough?! said Yumi.

So you wont play if Ulrich happens to be the main prize?

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